Saturday, 17 August 2013

Books for the Freezer

I love the TV show Friends and have been re-watching a lot of the episodes lately.  There's an episode where Joey puts certain books in the freezer because they make him emotional. For those of you who haven't seen the episode or need a bit of a refresher there is a clip included below. While I was watching this episode it got me thinking about what books I would put in the freezer because they were emotional, scary or just plain shocking. So I thought I would share with you guys my list of books for the cold, dark recesses of the freezer.

Warning: this post contains some spoilers so read at your own risk.

Books for the Freezer:

The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson: 
The THING happens. I haven't recovered from the THING and I don't think I ever will. Maureen Johnson gave me everything I wanted and then ripped it away from me. I wanted to throw this book across the room after I read that but instead I will settle for putting it into the freezer. If you don't know what The Thing is, I highly recommend you read The Shades of London series.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: This book is such an emotional roller coaster that messes with your heart and head. Its sad, depressing and at the same time very funny. I just couldn't stop thinking about this book after I read it. It's a phenomenal read and because of all the emotions it too goes in the freezer.

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare: This book broke my heart. Actually I take that back. The Infernal Devices broke my heart. Will isn't cursed, Tessa's heart is split in two and Jem is dying. These characters cared about each other so much that they sacrificed everything. 

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: This book has the most messesed up psychotic characters I have ever read. I got to the end and was just shocked. I have no idea what to even make of it. I hope I never meet anyone like that in real life.

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks: This book ends in one hell of a cliffhanger. We finally find out about Nalia and the book just stops, smack bang in the middle of the action. 

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan: Unspoken is about Kami and Jared and their unconventional relationship. A relationship that ceases to end by the end of the book. Why would you do that Sarah?

Unravelling by Elizabeth Norris: This book is full of suspense and features a race against the clock. A lot of people don't make it through this book but did Alex really need to die at the end? I got to the end and was just hoping that it was a joke. Ben leaves and Alex dies. My heart goes out to Janelle.

The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa: In the end, Ash and Megan are separated after everything they have been through. That was just heart breaking. So grateful that Julie wrote The Iron Knight and we finally got a happy conclusion to their story.

Let me known what books you would put in the freezer? 

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